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What We Do:

  • Custom design concrete buildings combined with wood or steel roof systems.
  • Supply and install steel roof systems.
  • On-site concrete batching available.
  • Manufacture and install concrete precast buildings such as:
  • All purpose shops
  • Truck shops
  • Welding shops
  • Truck/Car washes
  • Wood working shops
  • Schools, Arenas, Churches
  • Barns
  • Manufacture Facilities

Why Build With Precast?

This is a highly efficient, practical method of concrete construction which makes beautiful buildings possible at a cost that rivals any other building system. The benefits of building with precast are almost endless and incomparable. Listed below are just a few great qualities of Precast.

Customizable Designs

  • Choose from a wide range of Colors, Stamps, Textures and Patterns to design the exterior of your building exactly how you want it.
  • Interior walls by default will have a smooth, hard finish which is also ready to paint.

Visit our Projects Gallery for more design samples

Economical & Fast Construction

  • Obviously, fast construction is always a big factor when building, by building most of your project off site, this enables a shortened construction time.

  • Precast panels can be erected in all seasons, allowing a building shell to be enclosed quickly.

  • Exterior and Interior walls for whole buildings can be installed in days (depending on size of project).


  • Long Life
  • Fire Resistant
  • Rodent Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Precast concrete structures also provide superior resistance to natural disasters, insects, and mold. Like no other building material, its resistance to wind damage, termites, decay, mold and mildew provides low maintenance.
  • Every wall is tested when being poured to ensure the highest possible strengths.

Energy Efficiency

  • All Exterior walls are insulated with up to R28 Styrofoam.